I write this not as Megan’s marketing consultant but as her patient. (Sort of like the hair club for men.)

We are in the midst of the most severe flu season in a decade. Not only is it widespread, people are dying from it.

In December we wrote about ways to prevent catching colds and flus. This is my first-person testimonial about what to do if all your efforts at prevention fail and you become ill.

In January a friend dropped in to visit. She seemed fine when she arrived, though soon after, began coughing, sneezing, and blowing her nose. The messages from the December article were playing in my head like meditation mantras: don’t touch your nose, mouth or eyes, wash your hands, etc. And the minute she left I went wild with Lysol, cleaning everything in site.

Alas, all of my efforts were not enough to combat the close proximity, and three days later I had the undeniable feeling that I was coming down with something. Even though I had my regularly scheduled weekly acupuncture appointment coming up in a few days, I called Megan to see if she had time to see me. I went in that day, and kept the regular appointment later in the week.

I followed the same protocol for the next few weeks, two treatments each week. During each session, Megan placed needles at appropriate points to boost my immune system and help my body fight the virus. I rested as much as possible so that my body could “do its thing.” And, I stayed away from other people so they wouldn’t be cursing me like I cursed my friend.

Although I felt unwell and periodically had a low-grade fever, I was never debilitated like you can get with the flu. I figured I didn’t have the flu, just some weird virus.

A few weeks later I called my friend and she said, “I just spent 12 days in the hospital with flu and pneumonia, my kidneys shut down and they were close to doing emergency dialysis.”

She told me that she felt worse and worse after she left my house, and went to the hospital by ambulance three days later, saying “You were the last person I saw.”

Although I have no scientific proof, I’m convinced that I caught the flu from her. Because I’m in good health and had frequent acupuncture treatments to help my body fight the virus, it was not nearly as severe.

Our bodies are amazing machines, though sometimes they need a boost. If you do become ill, call or email Megan for as many treatments as needed to help your body “do its thing.”

I am so grateful that I was merely inconvenienced by my illness. Binge watching Netflix from the comfort of my sofa with plush fleece blankets and pillows beats hospital johnnies any day!

With warm regards,

Jeanie Runey

Wish Granter at Jeanie Communications


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